Nathan Gardner

 Nathan Gardner  NRG Pilates  Body Control Pilates
Pilates provides a fantastic platform from which form, function and freedom of movement can be achieved.

Pilates is simply the beginning, where you go with it is limited by nothing more than your imagination....

It is always the client that makes the method never the method that makes the client!

A Brief Background

Nathan is a highly accomplished UK based Pilates teacher and teacher trainer. A prominent figure in the Pilates community, he has presented and lectured in over 10 countries across 4 continents around the world and is renowned for his innovative and highly effective cut to the chase approach to teaching movement. He has been teaching Pilates for the last sixteen years and has over twenty-eight years experience in physical and mental conditioning.

Much of his knowledge and insight has been drawn form his time as professional athlete. Successfully representing Great Britain as a freestyle mogul skier at world cup and Olympic level from 1992-1998, Nathan was unfortunately forced to retire prematurely due to injury before the 1998 Winter Olympic Games
. However, this premature exit from his competitive career set him on a new path that he still following today.

His involvement in elite-level sport, injury rehabilitation and his on-going career in the fitness industry which started in 1987, all contributed to Nathan’s initial interest in the Pilates approach. Training with Body Control Pilates in 2000, Nathan then went on to run his own successful Pilates Studio business for 5 years and became involved in the teaching and delivery of Body Control Pilates courses in 2003. He subsequently became a member of the Body Control Pilates Education Management Team in 2007 and has been writing and developing courses for the Body Control Pilates education programme ever since. 

Along with his regular contributions to the Mat and Studio Equipment programmes at Body Control Pilates he is also responsible for the ongoing development of the teacher training team there. 

His most prominent work at Body Control includes the following:

As well as his involvement in the Body Control Pilates Education, Nathan also offers his own workshop programme for qualified teachers along with a masterclass programme and one to one sessions for teachers and the general public. He also is a contributor to Pilates on Demand ( where Pilates classes are available 24/7 in the comfort of your own home. So if you can't get to work with him in person why not catch him there.  

Join in....

If you would like sessions with Nathan or want to attend or host any of his workshops and masterclasses then please don't hesitate to get in contact.